Biometric Passive Liveness Detection

Use passive liveness detection for advanced security and higher user conversion in digital identity verification and authentication.

What is Liveness Detection?

All biometric identity solutions are vulnerable to some form of sophisticated presentation attack or fraud. The most important question a good facial biometric system should ask is: Is there a real person trying to connect and verify their identity?

Liveness Detection solutions help to solve this problem by determining that a real person is in front of the camera. This is critical for ensuring a safe and accurate identity verification system for your customers. In the past few years, fraudsters have continued to find ingenious methods to spoof facial biometrics using a number of different attack methods.

PXL Vision’s patent-pending passive liveness technology makes it harder for fraudsters to spoof the system using 3D-scanned masks, paper photos, deep fakes and other genuine presentation attacks.


How Passive Liveness Detection Can Help Your Business

Reduce fraud in facial biometrics
Save your company time and money with fewer customer dropouts
Boost user-conversion in digital onboarding and biometric authentication

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Passive liveness detection is the smart choice for your identity verification platform requirements

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Advantages of passsive liveness detection

The identity verification market differentiates between two types of liveness detection solutions: Active & Passive Liveness. 99% of global ID verification vendors use the active version – and are less than transparent about this.

With PXL Vision’s identity verification platform, your customers can look forward to a completely seamless digital onboarding experience without the need for a challenge response based on performing specific visual instructions, such as blinking or nodding on-demand in front of the camera (in the case of active liveness detection).

Passive liveness detection is better at detecting fraud & ensures customers are onboarded quickly, accurately and without dropouts.

Passive liveness
More customer satisfaction
Enhanced data accuracy
Superior fraud detection
Streamlined customer experience
Fewer dropouts
Active liveness
Requires special commands
Easier to defraud
Requires tedious movements
More vulnerable to masks
Less customer satisfaction
More dropouts

Key industries that benefit

Financial services
Peer-to-Peer Economy
Adult services
Health sector
Government services
Sharing Economy

Choose PXL Vision’s Passive Liveness Detection for excellence in digital onboarding & biometric authentication

Why trust PXL Vision?

We own our tech

Unlike some ID verification providers, we own our passive liveness detection technology. We know exactly where our customer data is stored and we ensure this through vigorous third-party verification and audits.

Genuine Swiss Quality

PXL Vision is headquartered in Zurich. Switzerland is known for its outstanding quality in all products and industries. Our Swiss engineering provides our customers with a sound technical approach that we have built up over the years to ensure a high level of accuracy and customer satisfaction.

We take fraud seriously

We believe in the highest quality data accuracy, that’s why we use the most secure data centers available in Switzerland. We also provide the flexibility for on-premise deployment, so you have full control over where your customer’s data is stored.

Strong record in groundbreaking technology

PXL Vision is founded by former employees of Dacuda AG, pioneering the commercialization of computer vision, machine learning and robotics technologies for real-world applications.